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BIMsmith ® is a cloud-based building product discovery and selection platform that helps
manufacturers reach more specifiers, generate leads, increase website traffic & reduce expensive costs
associated with BIM content creation.

BIMsmith enables specifiers to:

Research and select

Discovering new products and manufacturers is fast, accurate and easy with BIMsmith. Search and compare building products based on technical data, ratings, certifications and file type.

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Build complete system families

Generate wall, floor, roof or ceiling system families online with simple one-click, on-the-fly ease. Over 450,000 building products available

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Download and insert

Improving specifiers' workflows and making it easy to consume your product data enhances their experience and eliminates obstacles in specifying your products.

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BIMsmith enables manufacturers to:

Offer powerful configuration tools

BIMsmith provides building product manufacturers with robust tools that integrate their products deep within specifiers' workflow.

Generate valuable insights

BIMsmith Analytics is your window into the minds of specifiers. Discover actionable insights that will help you uncover strengths, detect weaknesses, and optimize your interactions with specifiers.

Manage and Maintain

We're not checkbox kind of people. That's why we don't stop at content creation. We help you manage and maintain the most current versions your content over the years to make sure that you don't have to.


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