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Yes! You can register your entire firm with BIMsmith.

While BIMsmith operates by individual user accounts tied to email addresses, you can register your entire firm to use BIMsmith Market, BIMsmith Forge, and MyBIMsmith easily.

There are a few options you can take, depending on your intended outcome.


1. Register individual users one-by-one.

It takes about 30 seconds to register for one free BIMsmith account. Therefore, this is often the best method for small organizations or anyone who does not want to coordinate registrations from one central account. You can direct your team members to visit BIMsmith Market and click "Sign Up."


2. Invite your team members to an Organization using MyBIMsmith.

If you have an existing account with BIMsmith and would like to be an administrator over your firm members (for example, in the role of a BIM Manager), you can create an Organization with MyBIMsmith and invite your team members to join the Organization with specific permissions.

This method allows you to control specifically who can access which streams on your MyBIMsmith account. Once you invite them, each team member will get a customized email inviting them to sign up and join your Organization.


3. Request a custom integration through BIMsmith Support.

Got a major organization with a lot of users? Good for you! Contact BIMsmith Support and we'll be happy to discuss exactly the type of onboarding procedures that would work best for your firm., and even create the accounts on our end so you won't need to.

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