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BIMsmith has the benefit of partnering with the top platforms in the industry to bring the best content to you faster and in more places than ever.

Here is a brief list of integrations that benefit users of BIMsmith.


BIMsmith and MasterSpec first partnered in 2018 to pursue the ambitious goal of coordinating BIM and specifications. Today, the partnership has resulted in a number of integrations, including:

  1. 1. Making MasterSpec documentation available in the same location as Revit families on BIMsmith Market
  2. 2. Providing links to BIM content on BIMsmith Market for products via Product MasterSpec
  3. 3. As of October 2020, embedding E-Specs for Revit metadata in all Revit families found on BIMsmith Market, so that all Revit content downloaded from BIMsmith integrates seamlessly with E-Specs


BIMsmith and UL partner to provide the most current, up-to-date testing and certification data for products listed on BIMsmith Market. Any product that qualifies for UL GreenGuard certifications displays an icon on BIMsmith, indicating that the most up-to-date documentation for that product is sourced directly from UL.



UNIFI customers can access manufacturer BIM content provided by BIMsmith through the UNIFI Connect. This connection tremendously expands the number of manufacturer products available to UNIFI customers within the UNIFI interface, but also provides a live sync of product data between UNIFI and BIMsmith, ensuring that every product placed in a project is up to date and accurate.



Avail and BIMsmith are currently undergoing development of a joint integration that will provide manufacturer Revit families from BIMsmith to Avail users through a unique BIMsmith channel.


HPD Collaborative

HPD Collaborative and BIMsmith Market have a direct integration that pulls the most up-to-date testing documentation related to HPDs directly from the HPD database. That way, all HPD documentation found on BIMsmith is known to be up to date and accurate.



Swatchbox provides sample fulfillment for building product manufacturers. Thanks to a custom integration with Swatchbox, BIMsmith users can order free samples for select product manufacturers directly from BIMsmith Market. Here's an example.


Have an idea for a platform that BIMsmith should partner with? Get in touch and let us know.

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