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What is LOD?

LOD is an industry-standard to define various development stages of an Information Model. LOD is sometimes known as Level of Detail or Level of Development. 

Level of Detail

Level of Detail is what proportion of detail is enclosed within the model element. This phrase is typically used in the UK and throughout Europe. 

Level of Development 

The phrase Level of Development was first introduced by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) in 2008. The Level of Development is the degree to which the components’ specification, geometry, and attached information have been thought through. 

With both Level of Detail and Level of Development, there are various levels that define the detail of a model. 

•    LOD 100 – Conceptual
•    LOD 200 – Approximate Geometry
•    LOD 300 – Precise Geometry 
•    LOD 400 – Fabrication-ready Geometry
•    LOD 500 – Operational/As-built Models

Note: The AIA also defines a sixth level known as LOD 350 - Precise Geometry with Connections

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