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BIMsmith is the leading platform for building professionals to perform product research.  Designed by a team of former architects, here is an overview of some of the main features of BIMsmith Market that can help you research, discover, and design with products and Revit families from the world's leading manufacturers. 

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How To Use BIMsmith Market: 6 Steps



1. Search for Exactly What You Need

One option is to begin with a search for exactly what you are looking for.  You can even include detailed modifiers that describe exactly what you need, like "120v pendant lighting" or "3000 lumen projector."  




2. Use Filters to Narrow Your Search

You can also browse by filtering products by different criteria.  Whether you want to be sure that a product is available where your project is located, has certain certifications, or has material samples available, you can combine the criteria you need to find the right selection.  




3. Compare Products to See Their Differences

Once you have narrowed down your selection, check the Compare Box and click "Go To Compare" to see product data side-by-side. 




4. Communicate Directly with Brands

If you have a question or want to request specific BIM content, you can get in touch with a manufacturer directly from any product page or manufacturer hub page. 




5. Build an Assembly Using BIMsmith Forge®

Some brands have products that integrate with BIMsmith Forge, BIMsmith's patented Revit assembly configurator.  Click on "Build On Forge" to build a Revit assembly from scratch, or use a pre-built system starter for even faster results. 



6. Download the Free BIMsmith Revit Plugin

You can also use the free BIMsmith Revit Plugin to bring the power of both BIMsmith Market and BIMsmith Forge into your products without leaving Revit. 



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