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BIMsmith is a free cloud platform for building professionals to discover, research, and download product data from the world's top building product manufacturers.

BIMsmith was founded by a team of architects and is still maintained by them to this day. All of BIMsmith's tools are completely free for building professionals like architects, engineers, and contractors – and always will be.

The BIMsmith platform has five main arenas:

  1. 1. BIMsmith Market – BIMsmith Market is the industry's leading product research platform. With powerful filtering tools and standardized product data formatting, BIMsmith equips architects, engineers, contractors and other building professionals to research, discover, and download Revit families and other product data for tens of thousands of building products.
  2. 2. BIMsmith Forge® – BIMsmith Forge is a free Revit configurator that allows building pros to build complex wall, floor, ceiling, and roof assemblies using real manufacturer product data, then export for use in Revit, AutoCAD, and more. BIMsmith Forge uses patented BIM technology to create BIM systems in the cloud, then provide to professionals ready to integrate with Autodesk Revit.
  3. 3. MyBIMsmith – MyBIMsmith provides building professionals with unlimited free cloud storage for BIM content. Users can create folders called "streams" that enable the sharing and storing of product data across entire firms, teams, projects, and more. Any product found on BIMsmith Market and any Revit assembly built on BIMsmith Forge can be saved for free using MyBIMsmith.
  4. 4. BIMsmith Revit Plugin – The free BIMsmith Revit Plugin brings the power of the BIMsmith platform into your Revit projects. Browse and download Revit families from BIMsmith Market, build a wall assembly using BIMsmith Forge, or access your saved BIM Library on MyBIMsmith, all without leaving the Revit interface.
  5. 5. Partnerships & Integrations – BIMsmith is more than just what you can find at We have an expansive network of partnered manufacturers who integrate with BIMsmith through their websites, as well as a wide variety of industry partnerships with leading brands like MasterSpec, Unifi, Avail, UL, Swatchbox, HPD Collaborative, and more.

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