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Unlike other content platforms, BIMsmith does not ever share user information with third parties unless explicitly given permission.

As a team of architects and other building professionals, we understand and value the essential role that privacy has in the product research process. We know that when you provide BIMsmith with any amount of information about yourself, you are entrusting us with something valuable. We've been in the position of receiving too many unwanted or unrelated sales calls, and believe that every individual should have the choice to share their contact information or not.

That's why we never share personal identifying information of users without consent.

When does BIMsmith share personal identifying information of users?

Only if you tell us to. Because we understand that it is often necessary to reach out directly to a manufacturer for product help or support, BIMsmith has built-in tools (like the "Let's Talk" button) that enable users to contact manufacturers. If this happens, the user must consent to have their contact information shared with the manufacturer (a third party) - simply because it is required to fulfill the request.

As features are added to the BIMsmith platform, any and all of them that require sharing personal identifying information with third parties will behave in the same way.

So, as clearly stated in our Privacy Policy, BIMsmith will not ever share any information that can singularly identify any user unless given specific permission.


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